Time; it's on your side.
Being kind to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

*Mostly Taylor blog.

No matter what happens in life, be good to people.


if this isn’t the best thing you’ve seen all day then I don’t know what to tell you

It’s the most maddening, beautiful, magical, horrible, painful, wonderful, joyous thing in the world, love.

your fave is problematic: mr krabs


  • exploitative capitalist

Please don't be in love with someone else, please don't have somebody waiting on you...

Her: We finish each other’s s-
Me: -ocial justice rants.


the Parks and Recreation cast: Adam Scott:

— If you were to open Ben’s Low-Cal Calzone Zone, who would you rather manage it: Jean Ralphio or Jerry?

— Jerry. It would be a disaster, but less of a disaster.


when you strip down naked in an elevator and u know everyone is checking you out


Taylor Swift + skirts in 2014.

YouTuber ||Superwoman|| about Taylor Swift.